Będę na blogu wrzucać również artykuły i filmy, które wymagają komentarza
Jest tego ogromnie dużo. A ponieważ ten blog dotyczy edukacji będę wrzucać filmy, i komentarze, które odkłamują historię
Zwróćcie uwagę ile tego jest za granicą. Ile jest całkiem niezłych jakościowo filmów ale KŁAMIĄCYCH NA TEMAT SŁOWIAN I POLSKI.
Piszcie komentarze, ! odnoście się do tego na fb, na blogach, w filmach
Nie można tych rzeczy tak zostawiać!

this video is wrong in so many places that it is a horror.. from the beginning — when you do such a video, you d better learn some slavic languages.. there is a site http://prusowie.pl/ , anyway, Prusowie were the people living on the Slavic territory and they were slavic, lived on Mazury land in todays Poland. In fact, there werent even fighting with Poles, it is a story. they were free people. Deutsch people exterminated Prusians Slavic people and TOOK THEIR NAME, unrightfully, https://bialczynski.pl/2017/02/06/o-zagladzie-prusow-borusow/Deutsch people, German people have never had their own ethnos. They were battling , ruling over other nations and taking their identity. Germans are the mix of ethnos of Celt, Frank, Galic, Slavic Polabian overruled by them, Huns and whatnot, Even today English people call Deutsch people – huns. It is even difficult to find the German ethnos . Until Bismarck Germany was not even one country but many lands fighting with each other. Deutsch – destroyed the Slavic Polabian people from around Laba river – real native Prussians. Thats about it about Prussians.. Slavic people exterminated by Deutsch. But the other thing is Gdansk etc.. Well first of all Poland did not start in 6AD, but long long before there was Lechia, Sarmatia Scytia .. all Slavic territories connected in one democratic land fighting together against the Roman power and others.. Gdansk.. as it was said in the comments was built by Slavic kings, not even 980AD, but it the city existed there ages before , it was called Kodan , Codanum , today Gdansk. Deutsch overruled this placed, just as they did with other places of Poland.. Anyway, before you do the films, check out the newest findings of science, like haplogroups for ex.. and archeological stuff. r1a1 is Slavic haplogroup, and it is found up to river Laba in actual Germany, cause Slavic people lived up to river Laba way long before Deutsch country even existed. So if anybody did any harm to Slavic — is Deutsch, together with their germanization politics and falsifying all the science and history, and linguistics. We ve got enough of Kossina, Godlewski, Lelewel and even Bruckner, who lived in Poland, said to be Polish but in fact worked towards the destruction of Polish history and pride.
and in fact — we should say that Slavic old countries were distroyed or overruled, or got their history changed, or language – due to Deutsch people (not using „Germanie” German cause it is disputable who were Germans – „Germanie” – is another Slavic name slolen by Deutsch ) and Russian rulers with Deutsch origin ,and Teutonic knights meaning in fact — Roman catholic church..

Fortunately enough now the history is changing — the genetics helps with haplogroups, and there is a movement towards discovering the past, the true history, the languistics helps – there are so many Slavic names on the Deutsch territory.. , and there is a big revival of Slavic pre – christian mythology and pre-christian beliefs.. quite interestingly connected to Vedas in India :)

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