Suplementom mówię NIE

supplements are just the way to make money on our ignorance

primo – – check what your organism needs (morphology)

secundo – stop feeding yourself with fast foods, restaurant food all the time, ready made dishes, dishes made from frozen ingredients,
only cold and sour dishes… etc

tertio — cook at home, take the hot soup in the proper jar to work,
eat hot in the day time, or at least drink hot tea… unless u live in Africa :))
Poland is a cold country, we need to eat hot food to keep warm
even in spring,
the stomach needs to be warmed up in order to process the food properly,
cook according to 5 elements, so u will get 5 tastes in your dish and it will be more easily digested that way
use lots of proper for the dish herbs and spices (read about it online or buy a good cookbook 🙂
ginger, thym, cumin etc.. help the digestive system and warm up the organism

quarto – do the morphology test again,
if it is poor after a few weeks of a new „diet”
welll… ur organism is in a bad shape
u’d better change your way of living
— less stress, more sleep, balance your life — your work and your rest, keep calm, be happy, control your anger and frustration…
or you will get seriously ill, … if you are not yet
and the supplements will not help so much here