It is Thursday, Spanish Day

I will tell u why it is important.

A long time ago 🙂 2 or 3 years, I

invented a home learning game

I wanted my child to get notions (not really speak) , but get notions and get his speaking aparate in his mouth and his hearing to get used to foreign sounds.
So here is the game:

Monday – an English day
Tuesday – a French day
Wednesday – a Polish day (native)
Thursday – a Spanish day
Friday – A Russian day
Saturday – a German day
Sunday – a Norwegian day

u can use any languages familiar to u , or those u want to learn urself

the thing is to:

– try to speak the language, as much as u can, but not too much, all day or some hours, mix with the native of course!
– listen to the foreign songs
– listen to CD, stories, songs for children
– use foreign language games or use normal but speak the languages while playing
– do the language theatre
– buy foreign language heroes toys such as Scooby Babar Poco Yo etc
– use costumes of those heroes
– get the child intrested in those heroes
– watch youtube, films in the foreign language, cheap!
– play games in the foreign language
– do the half an hour lesson of this language, Helen Doron or other style.. communication, on the floor… see my other films
– invent ur own ways of using the language
– put stickers all over
– make foreign language games

sometimes the child may not cooperate, has worse day and u too
drop it for some time, then come back again
i ve been doing is for over 5 years.. it works.. he doesnt actually speak fluently but he recognizes the languages and knows words
if u want the child to speak the language , focus on one only
and put him to foreign language school or get him the foreign nanny
or speak the language at home ALL THE TIME
i didnt want it

and i think my way is better :))

let s see in a few years