About me

I am the Teacher, Pedagogue, Mother and Homeschooling Partent. Educational topics and those concerning raisning children are very dear to my heart.

I am also a person, whose difficult life troubles lead to toxic relationships, single motherhood and the necessity to solve material problems on my own. I share that knowledge and experience with WOMEN, CHILDREN AND TEENAGERS through:

Workshops/ Lessons/Lectures/ Webinars

All of those subjects can be available in several forms. Write down or call me (Contact tab). Follow the news, and events on the blog, youtube, fb , linkedin or twitter (Contact tab )

Below are the subjects I’ve got in my offer:


  1. Conversations – 20 basic topics – in Polish, French or English. For exams or life.
  2. Language course – 32 hours – English, French, Polish


  1. Who’s your child? Talents. Strengths and Weaknesses.
  2. How to raise a child well and consciously?
  3. Who am I? My strengths and weaknesses. Talents.- for teenagers
  4. How a single mother can raise a child well?
  5. How to teach grammar of any language well?
  6. Polish grammar – workshop
  7. English grammar – workshop
  8. French grammar – workshop
  9. Comparative grammar of Polish, English, French – workshop
  10. How to educate without school?
  11. Who are you? Chooosing the school. Career or job. for teenagers
  12. Global teaching from birth
  13. Foreign languages from birth – how to do it?
  14. Writing usuful school texts – workshop
  15. How to teach a child slavic history and values?
  16. Theory of literature workshop
  17. How to learn efficiently? What type of the student are you? Efficient learning technics.
  18. How to create own teaching materials, toys and games for children?
  19. How to teach a child 4 languages at home?
  20. Travelling to English speaking countries – discovering culture- language workshop for children
  21. Travelling to French speaking countries – discovering culture – language workshop for children
  22. Travelling to Slavic countries – discovering culture-language workshop for children
  23. What to visit in Poland?
  24. Financial education for children – with money through ages
  25. Emotional education for children – emotions tales and archetypes
  26. Four oldest tales. Discovering tales and archetypes – for children and parents
  27. Theatre around the world – for children


  1. Children at home and work at home – how to organise that? for women
  2. Who are you in a family? Map of relationships – for women
  3. Set your goals. Make your map of dreams. for women
  4. How to heal a child from allergy thanks to chinese medicine, herbs and 5 elements cooking style?
  5. How to break the toxic relationship?  Where to find help? How to act towards the addicted/toxic person/partner – rules
  6. How to be a good teacher? What makes a good teacher?
  7. How to check if you are co-dependant ? How to understand we are in a toxic relationship? Toxic relathioship’s phases
  8. How to act towards the addicted/toxic person/partner – rules. Common mistakes of codependant people.
  9. Who are you? What’s your goal in life? What’s your personality type and zodiak sign?
  10. How to get rid of sickness through consciousness, herbs, traditional chinese medicine, and yoga?
  11. Just drow and paint . Creative free drowing / Painting Po prostu maluj. for children and women
  12. Just write. Creative free/therapeutic writing. for children and women
  13. Creating music. Just play and instrument and sing songs. for children and women
  14. Minimalism and tradition. How to marry that in your home? With elements of feng shui.
  15. How to be eco and zero waste. know how.
  16. Working on the self – esteem , self – confidence – based on Nathaniel Branden „6 pillars of self – esteem”
  17. Working with the inner child – based on John Bradshow theory
  18. yoga for children and mothers
  19. Cooking 5 elements cuisine – for children and mothers
  20. Taniec. Joga. Medytacja
  21. Monthly subscription for 4 afternoons for children at „Wise Slavic Mom” – free play in the garden, swings and ladders, playing in mud, gardening, walking barefoot, every day another foreign language, creative activities, yoga, meditation and more