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My name is Joanna Chołuj


I am an Ario-Slavic Witch, Creator of the Ario-Slavic Witch School, Writer, Poet, Artist, Linguist, Polish Language Reformer, Researcher and Philosopher, Language School Owner, Teacher, Home and Alternative Educator.

I am a Witch Three who has gone through the stage of Woman Lost, Witch One and Witch Two.

I help people in the processes of metamorphosis of life and thinking, and especially women in returning to their full power and femininity.

I will help you through the Ario-Slavic Method of Transformation to understand your personality and vocation, move from toxic patterns to a healthy personality, create well-being through the vibration of words, raise and educate wise and free children.

A witch is one who KNOWS. A Woman of Knowledge, Experience and Power.

Ario-Slavic heritage is the heritage of ancient knowledge. We are talking about the Arians, who came out of the womb of Atlantean culture and entered what is now Euro-Asia. It was they who merged with the Old Europeans and directly created civilization :

Slavic , Persian , Tocharian in China, Vedic in India

Therefore, this heritage today includes the culture of all Slavs, Chinese culture in its philosophy, TCM medicine, Indian culture in its philosophy of Hinduism and Buddhism, writing (WEdach), yoga and meditation, medicine (Ayurveda). It also includes later currents growing out of these three sources like total biology and recall healing and Germanic medicine (from TCM), herbalism, anthroposophical concepts of Rudolf Steiner and other esoteric associations (e.g., Hermeticism, Theosophy).


I had many relationships. Five serious ones. Two weddings. Two divorces. I have had two children. I’ve had two cesareans. I have always wanted to love and be loved. And to have children. Desperately. Everything. These were difficult experiences. And instructive. All my relationships were a frantic, insane and desperate search for love. I was able to throw myself into the arms of men of foreign speech for this purpose, and go to them without knowing what they looked like or who they were…. I was looking for love. A person with DDA or DDD disorder (Adult Alcoholic Child Syndrome, Adult Child from a Dysfunctional Family Syndrome ) doesn’t know how to love someone truly until they learn to love themselves. At the time, I didn’t know how. Relationships were falling apart for me. I loved too much, or not at all. I was falling from toxic excessive feminine energy into the masculine energy of a single militant mother and back into toxic feminine energy that couldn’t set boundaries.

I searched all over the world for myself. I visited about twenty countries, and lived in several for longer periods of time. I moved fifteen times. I was sick. Chronic inflammations of the ears, urinary tract, skin diseases, acne, boils, female diseases, hormonal diseases, diseases of the spine, feet, teeth, allergies. Eventually, I abandoned classical medicine. I realized that mental transformation, herbs and Asian medicine help better. Today I treat myself. I treat my children. I haven’t seen a clinic in years. I got out of toxic relationships,

violence, humiliation, manipulative systems, co-dependent and dependent personality disorder, from addictions. I made it through classical therapy, the help of therapists, psychologists, but

ABOVE ALL, THANKS TO MY WILL TO CHANGE. Change is always a work of our own. The change was my work, not the work of therapists, books and consultants. I studied old knowledge. I sought knowledge about myself. I found effective tools, rebuilt my identity, created my whole world for myself from scratch. I know who I am and what I want. I know where I am going. This gives peace and strength. so I am strong and calm today.

So I succeeded through therapy, talking to people, horoscopes, consultations, total biology, herbalism, mythology, storytelling, meditation, prayer, yoga, personality analysis.

I was able to rebuild my identity and put all my life spheres, my body and soul, in order. I know that I am an angelic soul in this incarnation, the one who has a mission to help others, especially women

I am a numerological 9/27, a mature soul, on a beautiful journey to combine spirituality and self-development with a good relationship. I am a Human Design Manifestor, profile 5/2 – a Heretic Warrior for Freedom and Helping those most in need. I am a Witch with astrological strong archetypes of Scorpio, Pisces, Leo, Sagittarius, Aquarius and Virgo. I am associated with the Vedic archetypes of Purva Phalguni worshipping beauty and the senses and Purva Bhadrapada sacrificing everything on the altar of life, I am Vishaka, Mula and Shatabishak which gives me the power to seek truth, sharply cut off evil and lies, rebirth and healing.

I’m glad that I’m at the point of the road where I am. I owe it to many people, but most of all to myself.

Today I am a happy woman, a mother of two sons, divorced but also in a relationship again, IN A GOOD MUTUAL RELATIONSHIP. I have gone through the path of spiritual and energetic search and I know what female and male energy is and understand their interaction and harmony.

AND YOU TOO CAN BE IN SUCH A PLACE AND WALK THIS PATH. I, for one, feel that I want to give back what I have received from others and this knowledge and experience of mine just to you – first of all to WOMEN, who always need your support the most.

















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